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Formed in the West Midlands of England, Rumours of Spring play a mix of Acoustic music in the Modern Folk genre that draws on a wide range of influences and a keen listener will find Folk, Rock, Blues and even the odd bit of Jazz finding its way into their sound.

The band was founded in 2012 following a semi-impromptu recording session between three friends over a beer or two. The group hit the ground running and haven’t slowed down since. The line-up that became Rumours of Spring began in February 2013 and they did their first performance at a music festival in Southampton on the 2nd of February. Those first few months quickly built into bookings to play across the UK, even doing some showcase performances and a few live radio sets. In addition to this, they performed in support of Dave McPherson (InMe) and The Levellers.

After the usual unavoidable delays, the anticipated release of the band’s 2013 album ‘After The Rain’ was announced on the 6th of September 2013 and the first radio broadcast of a track from that album was on BBC Introducing the very next day with three more over the following few months. very successful 2013 wound up with a short run of gigs spanning the UK, christened the ‘Not On’ Tour.

2014 was filled with as much excitement and musical madness with a second CD’s worth of songs being written and worked on, currently being recorded with a release date of Autumn 2016, numerous festival bookings and a support with the Folk giants Oysterband. The year ended with a bang, quite literally, as a fairly major car accident put an end to the good run of gigging and put the band effectively on hold. 

2015 was spent finding their feet again and getting back into it with plenty of gigs, including a support slot with Mad Dog Mcrae

So now in 2016, the band is looking to build back up to their previous heights, get their second CD released and see where the wind takes them…

Damien Russell

Damien Russell is the co-frontman and songwriter for the band, providing vocals, guitar, harmonica, percussion and mandolin in addition to writing and arranging the band's original material.

Life as a musician really started in 1999 when Damien first picked up a guitar and he and his best friend of the time started and co-fronted his first band 'Virtual Sky' at 14

After Virtual Sky's demise in 2004, he did some dep work on Bass and Guitar for a couple of Birmingham based Rock and Metal bands and also started playing with Earl Grey and the Tealeaves, a Rhythm and Blues band. Damien was co-fronting the band while simultaneously playing Bass, Mandolin or Guitar

Mid 2007 at a charity gig Damien met Reuben Archer of the Archer Marriott Band, a 5-piece Blues group, who he played with as a stand-in until the start of 2008.

Following this, he began performing as a solo artist and promoting his own songs whilst also song-writing for and fronting the Money Road Blues Band,  also the occasional gig with Earl Grey, the Red, White and Blues and The Ravens. His solo lead to the recording of the 2010 album 'Skating on Steel',  11 Acoustic tracks in the Blues and rock styles.

The mix of solo performances and guest spots continued until March 2012, the date set for the release of his second studio album 'Dreams of Waking Moments'. Following this successful recording session, and all of the rehearsal work and writing that preceded it, the band Rumours of Spring was born, and the rest is yet to come...

Matthew (Hew) Wild

Matthew Wild is the Bass player for the band, switching effortlessly between Electric Double Bass, 4-String Fretless Bass Guitar and Fretted Acoustic 4-String Bass.

Matt picked up the bass guitar for the first time in 2007 after being inspired by the playing style and performance of one of the popular bass players of the time.

Matt learnt to play through the tried and tested method of 'learning by doing' and with no more than a hour's introduction to playing by a guitarist in the family. He honed his skills and built on the initial spark of inspiration and in 2010, joined local band Red Hot Blues, performing with them at a number of local venues and gigs.

In 2011, Matt was offered the opportunity to play with The Hand Written, which he accepted.

In 2012 Matt and Damien began working together on a few covers to perform at one of the events Damien frequents and from this they began working more closely. Matt's interest in bass expanded into the double bass and, upon purchasing an electric double bass to add to his instrument collection, the ease of transition was inspiring in itself. Naturally, when the opportunity to form Rumours of Spring arose, Matt was the first choice to provide the backbone of the group.

Pete Evans

So, my music career really started back in 2012 when I rocked up to an open mic night with a full drum kit, a basic Stagg kit. It was run by a guy called Ed Davies at the Swan in Brewood and I rolled up, said ‘mind if come on and play’ and they said ‘yeah’ so I did. At the end a couple of guys came up to me and asked if I fancied joining them in a band and I thought ‘yeah, why not’. So I did.

That’s sort of how I’ve been for the last 20 years of my life, really. Having a ‘why the hell not’ attitude. That’s why I’ve got a Private Pilot license. I had a trial session, thought ‘why the hell not’ and three years later I had my license. That’s really been my rule with every musical endeavour as well and here I am now with Rumours of Spring. I love it and if it ended tomorrow it would be like losing both my legs, I feel so passionately about it.

So anyway, in 2012 I had joined this band and I was also part of a music adult learning group that I joined in 2008, just a pianist, drums and vocals style of thing that I still do the odd gig with. The band was a weird folk/storytelling band called Sweet Chai and I met up with the singer, just me and him having a bit of a jam and we took it from there. Amongst other places we actually played at the Olympic Village just before the opening ceremony which was pretty cool. That year I did some stuff with a Blues/Rock Band as well doing mostly covers and a few originals, gigging occasionally around the area. Both bands just sort of fizzled out which has been a pretty consistent thing over the years, nothing ever quite goes anywhere or ever really finishes, they just sort of fizzle out, you know?

In 2013 I joined an Indie Rock band for a bit but in 2014, I wasn’t doing much, was sort of out of a band, looking for one and I rocked up to an open mic night I saw advertised thinking again ‘why the hell not’, took my Cajon down and played there. The open mic was being run by Damien and he asked me to join Rumours of Spring.

Since joining, I’ve spent a good amount of time on the Cajon and bringing out the full kit occasionally. A lot of people have said of me that I’m not just a drummer, although I am classically trained, I’m also a percussionist. My drum teacher was in the Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra and she was classically trained as well so my influences are really varying from True Classical, Tubular Bells, Classic Rock, Classic Blues and anything really in between.